Separation cord from auto glaziers for auto glaziers

Single Cut Line

THE removal cord for auto glass removals

The Single Cut Line is a widely used cut-out line and is available in different strengths, colors and packaging. It is used in the automotive sector to cut out windscreens, side and rear windows.

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PE plastic cord for auto glass

Removal of front, side and rear car glass

The Single Cut Line is suitable for use with all common cutting systems. The surface is lightly coated for better cutting properties. Depending on the wear and tear, the cut-out cord can be reused. Here the general condition of the cord after cutting out must be observed.

The advantages compared to the wire cutting technique:

strong cord
high tear strength
reduced risk of injury
reduce damage to the car
universally applicable
flexible and lightweight
packaging and customization
15/25/50/100 meter rolls
Private label possible
individual packaging
individually, carton, pallet units
Available variants
0,85 mm, 130 - 180 daN
1,05 mm, 140 - 250 daN
Feasibility check on request
removal cord, single cut line, 130 180 daN, Ø 0.85 mm, white, 100m
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Removal line, single cut line, 140 250 daN, Ø 1.05 mm, yellow, 100m

Auto glass cutting technology by and for auto glaziers

Single Cut Line

The use of steel or wire has dominated the automotive glass sector for a long time. However, it is not without reason that modern removal systems such as the Single Cut System work with a plastic cord. Not only is the removal cord safer to use, the risk of damage to the vehicle is also significantly reduced. The cord can be used in cars, trucks or commercial vehicles and is therefore versatile.

The advantages of a detachment cord or detachment thread made of plastic include reusability, ease of use, rapid deployment, durability and avoidance of damage to the vehicle.

There are also differences in quality and area of ​​application. In many vehicles with very narrow gaps, the use of the narrowest possible removal cord is essential, while in models with many obstacles, strong adhesive beads or the like, the highest possible traction is important.

THE cord for auto glass removals

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Single Cut Line

Extremely high-strength PE plastic cord for cutting out front, side and rear windows in connection with the Single Cut System, for example. The removal cord can also be used with other removal systems that work with plastic cords.
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This removal cord is ideal for vehicles with narrow gaps, as is often the case on the European market.

ideal for very narrow gaps
only 0.85 mm in diameter
130 - 180 daN tensile force
oval shape
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This removal cord is the allrounder and sutiable for all other vehicles.

high tear strength
1.05mm diameter
140 - 250 daN tensile force
waxed surface

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This cord is used to safely and effectively sever windshields and other automotive glass windows from the vehicle frame. The cord is made of high quality plastic, which has high tensile strength and flexibility. The removal cord is a proven and reliable method to safely and effectively remove windshields and car glass. Thanks to its high tensile strength and flexibility, the PE cord allows you to work quickly and precisely.